Marta Cirera

Marta Cirera


Somatic Experiencing. Peter Levine

Intermediate I&II, Somatic Experiencing, Italy 2013-14

Beginning I & II, Somatic Experiencing, Italy 2012-13


Three year certification. Dr. Peter Levine (USA)



Level I. Tucson, Arizona. February 2011

Level II. Boulder, Colorado March2011

Level III. Logmont Colorado June 2011

Level IV. Logmont Colorado September 2011


The Polival theory with Stephen Porges. Sitges, October 2014

Introduction to the family constellations.Instituit Gestalt.2014

Pre and perinatal trauma base don the work of Ray Castellino. Ariel Giaretto. Barcelona. June 2014.

Transgenerationsl Brainspotting  Ruby Gibson (CO) Somatic archeology.  Sant Cugat 2014.

Introduction to the equine ethology. Raquel Villares. 2013.

Emotional Flow. What the emotions want to tell you.

Karla McLaren CO (USA) May 2012.

Naturalhorsemanship wth Leslie Desmond, Naturalhípic and ADE, 2012

Naturalhorsemanship Parelli, Logmont , Colorado 2011

Animal Communication I & II. Laila del Monte. 2010

Wild animal communication. Laila del monte &Conrad White Eagle. France. 2010

Coaching with horses Beth Duff. Mayo 2010. Happy horse.

Practitioner in NLP, intensive august  2010. Instituto Gestalt Barcelona.

Workshop Equine Sacrocraneal equine. Silvia Martí Korff. Happy Horse, setembre 2010

Natural Horsemanship I & II, with Yuna McLister and Marc Plana. 2010.

Assisted psycotherapy with animals and nature. Theory and practice.

Isabel Salama. Madrid, may 2009

Member of  AETANA from 2009


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