SensemoSensemo is a technique create to manage emotions through the body sensations. Learning to listen to the body, the sensations it has, using Somatic Experiencing method (Peter Levine), and the ancestral knowledge of the East tradition (energetic centres) to decipher the direct information that the body shows up.

This is a way of life, a way to see the world. An honest and authentic way to look at what we really feel. The geography of the sensations suggests which subject is being challenged.

For example, when we are thirsty, the body sends the sensation of having our mouth dry, and we, without thinking, w ego and drink some water. Emotionally the process is the same. We are angry because our body tell us. If we listen to it and we act, the sensations begin to disappear. If we don’t listen, they have to speak louder and louder.

When they are too loud, they are very uncomfortable, we establish survival patterns to not feel. We can choose to dissociate, get out of the body, go to the head, take pills or drugs, etc…

The emotions have a message to be listened and the place where the sensations appears give us some clues about what is going on.

If those patters appear and seem to go on an automatic mode, some traumatic events are not resolved, for sure.

At Sensemo workshops you will learn:

To know if you are present 100% or not, or grounded
To be with the sensation till it transforms
To recognise energetic patterns
To listen to the body and act congruently
To be autonomic emotionally speaking and gain personal freedom

We will have more presence, that means to be 100% living the present moment. Necessary if you are a therapist or work with animal.

Weekend workshops.

Look at the calendar for the dates. Any additional information: or at the phone numbers 00 34 638926672/ 00 34 629848735

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