Social work

We dedicate part of our work to people that cannot access our therapies, because of economic circumstances or others.

They benefit from this work increases their self-esteem, learning how to regulate high activated moments, unblocking trauma from past experiences, etc…

social work

Correctional Facility Quantre Camins, La Roca. Catalonia.June 2014


We participated in facilitating several sessions of coaching with horses, with Màbel Sellarès.

The sessions were only a first contact for inmates from different sectors. With the intention of having contact with their emotional state and being conscious of it. Experiencing different exercises where teambuilding and trust were the basis.

Going out of the correctional facility and being in contact with horses and nature were already very positive. Far away from their daily life they allowed themselves to have a vision from another angle.

With so little time, many positive transformations could be observed from their educators that came with them:

  • Many different subjects that were already treated in therapy as patience, anxiety… that they were not able to perceive or that they were suffering, in only one session with horses they were able to think about it and name it.
  • In practical terms, it has been observed that this activity introduces many benefits in the psychological, cognitive and affective areas, in communication and language, in psicomotricity, in socialisation, in medical and personal autonomy thanks to the learning of new apprenticeships
  • It has been observed that many different subjects that have the goal to promote, contribute and normalise the development in all aspects of intellectual incapacity, to help people with social adaptation problems to resolve their conflicts and having the possibility of going back to the community in a normalised way.

We have the example of an inmate that decided to come back and participate in this activity, even using part of his permission of 48 hours in this activity. And observing that he faced this permission with much more decision and tranquillity. (In his last permissions he suffered a lot from anxiety…)

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