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Marta Cirera Baqués

Marta Cirera Baqués

I am the human part of the team. Creative, curious, passionate. I am the interpreter between my horses and my clients, in their path of life.

I guide the work of thewhole team to lead people back to their bodies, to regain contact with what they feel so they can unblock and change the patterns that were useful in the past but there are no longer needed and interfere with their progression.

I have studied both horses and human. And my personal life experience has also brought me where I am now.

I’d like to underline the learning in Colorado with Kathy Pike (one year training) about coaching with horses and Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine (a three year program), based on the liberation of trauma tracking physical sensations, completing the actions that were interrupted for some reason.

About horses, learning to know them as animals. Their nature, their instinct, their needs. Natural horsemanship and natural remedies. They live together, they have space, eat hay, go barefoot.

The physical and emotional safety of both horses and human are basic.

More info about me : Marta


Spanish horse, gelding. Strong and sensitive, trusts himself. Big presence..



Appaloose gelding. Special timing. Introvert. Not very expressive.



Mixed Arabian and quarter mare. Extremely sensitive, soft. She is a huge therapist. She has a big capacity of learning.




Spanish mare. Enormous presence and wisdom.



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